Gambling- based keywords dominate an updated list of UK market’s paid search words with highest prices, which are interestingly misspelled in many cases.

Search Engine Watch’s “100 most expensive keywords in the UK” list  based on  SEMrush data of 12m keywords and their average costs on Google AdWords for last March was published this Thursday.

The most expensive key phrase for last March is “play live blackjack” with the prize of £148.51 per click. Moreover, all the top 10 places in the list were occupied by gambling- related terms, 22 out of the top 25 keywords were also in the same category, making it 77% from the entire rank list.

From the top 25, even the 3 places out of the gambling category actually don’t fit just in technical terms. They occupy the ‘finance’ category, and the most expansive one of them (#12) is ‘spreadbetting offers’ priced at £118.03 per click. The first completely unrelated category from the list is #28- ‘big data systems’with the cost of £97.76 per click.

The second most expensive keyword in the list is ‘rolete’ (£144.76), which interestingly made it to the top, although it is misspelled. So is the case as well with ‘rullet’, ‘roulet’, ‘online cas’, ‘online casion’ and ‘casnio’ which all found their place in the list.

Interestingly, there is no reference to poker in the whole list, which may be taken as a clue to the more preferred types of games.

Here you can find the full list of UK’s 100 most expensive keywords.
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