It is highly likely that passionate casino lovers have wondered which the biggest casinos in the world are. But have you ever asked the question which the smallest one would be? Just read along and find the answer.

The world’s smallest casino can be found in England, and unlike most physically based casinos, it is mobile. Mobile not in the sense of being able to play on a phone or a tablet, but in the sense that it is physically moving, from point A to point B, visiting its own customers. This casino can be called, it can come right to you and take you anywhere you want. The world’s smallest casino, as you probably guessed already, is a taxi car in Birmingham and is one of the biggest attractions in the world of gambling today.

The gambling taxi was started by Grosvenor Casino and keeps attracting more and more attention. Besides its extraordinary concept and small dimensions, this unique Casino Lobby hosts everything a passionate gambler might want for a professional experience- a live game table, a live dealer, internet gambling facilities, a live sport streaming screen and a bar for the fullest convenience possible. The cab offers rides to Hills Street at no cost at all, while providing free and complimentary gambling sessions in the meanwhile. On top of that, whoever wants to be taken anywhere else in the city can choose to do so at an optional cost, which goes directly to Carers Trust- the company’s charity organization of choice. All you need to do is order the taxi casino via twitter and you can give this unusual experience a try.

Small at size, but huge in deeds, the cab casino is one of the most unusual gambling environments you could ever meet. If you want to experience casino sessions like never before, this is the right direction to go in.