Our interesting casino fact series continues with one interesting topic you might have never paid attention to – time. Did you actually know that in most casinos clocks always point at 9 o’clock?

Yes, that is right, it is always 21:00 at casinos, or at least so is that you think. That is because most lobbies are set up in such a way that you can easily lose track of time. In addition, most platforms are built with just few windows and have no clocks at all, so it is no hard for a player to get lost in time and space and keep playing. Thus you can literary lose your bankroll without a clear realization, too. On top of that, drinks in casinos keep coming and coming, so that you can stay “in the mood” for playing and potentially lose more money. And last, but not least, if there are windows, they would never point at day light so that your perception of time and reality stays as twisted as possible.

As for the interior, the lobbies and restaurants are designed like a casual living room in order to bring you a smooth feeling of comfort and ease, surrounded by numerous flashing bright lights to keep you excited and motivated to win.

Believe it or no, this is a completely true story. Casinos are a billion dollar industry, and yet, they have to make profit out of their players. However, there is one certain way you can escape these little psychological tricks and play your games without any manipulative factors. This is online gambling – just visit your favourite platform, make yourself comfortable at home and have a whale of a time playing your games of interest.