History of gambling is full of interesting stories about big winners, huge portions of luck, unexpected live changing strikes and so on. However, all the usual stories we read and hear about in terms of gambling are so typical that we can hardly get surprised. That is why we have come up with a list of some of the most unusual, strange and interesting bets ever placed in history.


The Canadian Brian Zembic placed one of the world’s most unusual bets ever. Zembic won $100,000 from his bet that he would get and wear breast implants for one year. In 1997 he got his breast implants, and what is even more interesting, he still has them today.

Apparently Brian is keen on placing extraordinary bets. Another case of him is winning 15 000 dollars after betting that he would live in a men’s bathroom within one month.


In 2014 Betsson offered the attractive 175-1 odds that Suarez would bite someone again during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The player had already did so twice, and the bet resulted successfully for over 100 Norwegian gamblers.


In 1989, a gambler from Wales made one of the biggest cash outs in history just by betting on a couple of unrelated events.

The winner kept himself anonymous and placed an accumulative bet which included a bet on Cliff Richard to become a knight before the beginning of the new millennium, the popular band U2 to stay together and that both Eastenders and Neighbours will be a part of the BBC schedule until and after the year 2000.

The overall odds of the bet totaled 6,479/1, the stake was £30 and 11 years later all of the included bets resulted successfully and made a cash out of £194,400.