Online gambling is one of the quickest developing sectors on the market. It grows extremely fast with new tendencies appearing all the time. And one of the latest concepts in the industry is the innovative Virtual Reality environment which is already approaching, but which can lead to significant debates once it reaches the market.

First of all the legitimacy of that service will be put on question. Virtual Reality is a really expensive innovation and in order to grow and adapt according to the needs of the market it has to be taken under serious regulations and control. That is in fact the case at the moment, having the casino market more jurisdictionally regulated than ever, creating the future standards of protected and trustworthy virtual reality gambling. But unfortunately, on the other side, the number of the illegal brands who take advantage of this creative technology is also significant, which puts the whole field in danger and gives a free opportunities to the unlicensed offshore gambling companies.

On the other hand, the affordability of the products is also put on focus. The major tool of the Virtual Reality technology is the dedicated Oculus Rift googles which price will go up to over 150 dollars. That could be still affordable on its own, but in order to make use of that product, one would need a high- quality gaming computer, which adds another 1500 dollars to the final cost. Thus it is more likely that Virtual Reality gambling will reach the equipped and dedicated gamers first, but not the traditional type of gamblers that we know nowadays.

Another important point to mention is the hybrid element of Virtual Reality gambling. The market has already realized that classic casino titles are not what the Virtual Reality players would be asking for. They would be searching for a skill- driven experience and their goal is to defeat the game itself, rather than feel the excitement of the risk- related activity. Thus the image of the Virtual Reality consumer seems once again like a dedicated gamer, but not like a traditional gambler. That would perhaps takes us to a mixed hybrid product which integrates classic console- based gaming, skilled- games, social gaming, and classic slot games which is a difficult task to complete and would most likely once again appeal to the target of gamers, but not the average gamblers.

Currently customers who are interested in the idea can give it a try with SlotsMillion’s Virtual Reality environment. The service is amazing, but however it won’t be accessible for the typical online gambler probably until the first half of 2016. On the other hand, technology is constantly developing, so no one can be certain what tomorrow will bring. One thing is for sure- Virtual Reality Gambling is coming and we can only wait and see how exactly it will develop and what direction it will go in.

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