” . . . a man, woman, or child from any nation on Earth being on the Moon or any other planet, star, or heavenly body of comparable distance from the Earth before January 1971.”

Have you heard about David Threlfall – the man who won £10,000 betting on the Moon? Here is his interesting story.

In 1964 David turned to the popular William Hill wagering company with a rather unusual bet request. Threlfall asked the company to come up with an odd that a man would walk on the moon within 7 years. Respectively, the company agreed with the challenge and offered the incredible odd of 1000:1.

Happy about the offer, David was given a chance and placed his bet. However, at the time just a several people had been into space, so stepping on the Moon still seemed like a really serious challenge. Threlfall took these concerns into considerations and didn’t want to risk too much, so he ended up placing just £10.

Later on space science started to develop extremely fast, so the chances of success seemed pretty likely.  Lot of people wanted to join the challenge, they even wanted to buy David’s bet, but true to his believes, Threlfall kept it and waited for the outcome.

Consequently, in 1969  America witnessed Armstrong’s footprint on the Moon live on TV and the mission was officially completed. David was paid his £10,000 and everyone was happy at the end.

Can you imagine what a fortune David Threlfall could have made if he had staked more? This story shows that if you strongly believe in something, then rising is always worthy. And that if you want to win big, you need to risk big. Yet, this is the beauty of it.