Everyone knows casinos are a billion dollars industry. But did you know that the most profit and money comes ironically from Penny Slot machines?

Contrary to the idea that big money in casinos come primarily from high rollers and live casino tables, statistics shows that Penny slots bring the most profit amongst all games. Who could expect that a machine which can be played for just a penny will turn out to be the most profitable after all? Believe it or no, it is a fact.

History shows that a lot of players stake higher amounts on slot machines, but the number of players betting just a few pennies is also really high. This is the reason why numerous casinos all around the world offer lobbies dominated by slot machines. For example – 70% of all games at the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel in 2013 were occupied by penny slots.

The case is pretty similar with online casinos. In most of them the huge majority of games is represented by video slots, reaching over thousands of titles from platform to platform.

Last, but not least, slot games can be extremely rewarding, too. From the numerous bonus rounds and special features in online games to the HUGE Jackpot funds, slots offer numerous ways to win big. So if you haven’t tried this type of games yet, it is definitely worthy to give it a shot. Just visit your favourite casino platform and go for a spin.