PAF Casino is one of the most competitive online gambling platforms on the market. But did you have any idea that besides the great service it provides, it also holds a private game development studio which is responsible for releasing PAF’s own exclusive games?

The popular titles such as Little Big Heroes, Cash and Carry and Shopping Spree are making great progress on the market and could be found only at PAF Casino, as they were released exclusively by their game studio.

PAF’s titles feature a progressive mix of casino and pure gaming elements and offer a really distinctive playing experience. The game studio was founded in 1999 and has now 3 dedicated teams with 23 professionals working there, and a total number of 72 games behind its back.

That is a main advantage over the online gambling competition, placing PAF Casino one step ahead. Visit it and explore one of the best gambling platforms you could possible ask for.

Here is a great video of the game development studio to illustrate the whole creative process: