Gambling is a matter of luck. And while it can be really rewarding sometimes, it can lead to losing really huge amounts of money, on the other hand. Here is the story of Harry Kakavas who made one of the hugest casino losses in history totaling the incredible $£€1.5 billion.

Harry Kakavas, a fortunate real estate businessman on Australia’s Gold Coast, is widely popular amongst the gambling communities. Known as one of the biggest high rollers ever, he lost $164 million in just five and a half hours, after staking $300,000 a hand.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. Harry kept playing huge, but unfortunately luck wasn’t his friend at the time. His friends admit that he had a serious gambling addiction, which casinos all around the world would embrace and take advantage of. He is definitely one of the biggest high rollers in history and his cravings for gambling were simply out of control.

Similar to the known practice, Kakavas made many attempts to recover his huge losses in court, but unfortunately without any luck. Throughout his gambling activity he kept falling and falling and losing more and more money.

In total, his payouts to casinos reach the unbelievable $£€1.5 billion, which the gambler managed to lose within just 14 months.

Such stories show the negative side of gambling. High rolling can be fun and rewarding, but it may lead to terrifying consequences. That is why it is always advisable to gamble responsibly and look for help immediately if you see that your gambling starts going out of control.