Our exciting casino stories continue with Peter Edwards and his unusual bet that his grandson will one day play for the national football team of his country.

Grandparents are likely to give everything for their grandchildren, so why not bet on them as well? No one knows how Peter Edwards saw this coming, but back in the days he placed a bet that his 3-year-old grandson would one day be a nation football team member. And his bet resulted successfully 13 years later. His stake was £50 ($80) and the odds were capped to the impressive 2500:1.

In October 2013, a qualifier match between Wales and Belgium was on. The match ended 1-1, but this was not so important at the moment. What really mattered, especially for the bookmakers, was the debut of the 16- year- old Harry Wilson, who was the youngest player for the Welsh national football team ever. Not only did Harry made a remarkable debut, but he also turned his grandpa’s stake into a £125,000 ($200,000) profit.

This inspiring story shows that gambling is fun and rewarding, and placing unusual bets such as this one is nothing unusual in fact.