The world is full of amazing gambling stories, and one of the most inspiring ones is about the popular FedEx Company and how it was saved from Bankruptcy with Blackjack Winnings.

Shortly the story goes like this: the company had serious financial issues back in 1973 and the only funds in its coffers totaled 5000 dollars at the time. Determined to save the company, its founder took drastic actions and risked it all in Vegas on gambling. People may say such measures are irresponsible, desperate and even crazy, but Frederick Smith did it after all. Luckily, his plan worked successfully and he won 27 000 dollars for the company on Blackjack.

In terms of business, such decisions are never advisable, but in this particular case they lead to a crucial pay out. Not only was the company saved, but the winnings also helped FedEx rising 11 million dollars and earing the first profits in 1976.

This is an incredible story of the positive side of gambling. In a specific manner it shows that when people need money, they can always visit the casino next door and make a profit. Unfortunately the case is not like this. Gambling can be extremely profitable, but it can lead to enormous losses on the other hand. That is why business shouldn’t rely on it, neither shall gamblers underestimate the chance of losing. That is where Responsible Gambling comes into place. Make sure to always stick to it if you want to stay in the safe zone and avid live- changing losses and consequences.