New legislations in online gambling will apply in 2017, establishing tax liability on free spins.

Free rounds are one of the most popular free tools in online gambling, currently benefitting from far more generous tax duties than the free bets provided by sports booking operators. That has been discussed lately and George Osborne’s statement confirmed that free spins will be liable for taxes in the future in order to align the Remote Gambling Duty with General Betting Duty. That will come to practice in August 2017.

However, there is more than a year until that moment, and it seems that free spins will still remain a major form of no deposit bonus, at least by the time for the reform to takes place comes.

Will these changes make a significant impact on the whole online gambling field- it is early to tell. However free spins are currently all around and players are still able to make use of them, at least for the next 15 months. After that we can expect the actions of the casino operators and see how it will all proceed.