The newest Unibet addition- Spin Sorceress slot is already playable at the portal and in order to support the occasion, the progressive team behind the playground is launching a great 12000 EUR giveaway promotion. Only between 16.08.2016 and 21.08.2016 keep your activity running at the platform and you can end up as one of the 50 lucky customers sharing 2000 EUR cash each day during the promotion.

In order to get enrolled in this limited Unibet casino raffle, all you have to do is play the new title within the above mentioned time frame and if you are one of the top 50 users with highest equalized win over 10 rounds (0.20 EUR min. bet) you will receive your share of the daily prize fund. If you manage to be one of the winners, your reward will be handed to you right after the end of each day’s tournament.

Unibet Spin Sorceress Tournament prizes

  • 1st place- 500 EUR in cash;
  • 2nd place- 350 EUR in cash;
  • 3rd place- 100 EUR in cash;
  • 4-10th place- 50 EUR in cash;
  • 11-30th place- 25 EUR in cash;
  • 31-50th place- 10 EUR in

Stay around Unibet and scoop some great rewards in addition, just for putting your hands on the new Spin Sorceress slot at the platform.

Please stay aware that this limited Unibet Casino offer arrives with some specific rules and the portal’s general terms and conditions, so make sure to read all the necessary information before getting involved.


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