Our big winning series continues with Charles Deville Wells and his successful run which literary broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

Interestingly, in gambling circles “Breaking the bank” doesn’t mean bankrupting the casino, but winning every possible chip on the table indeed. Charles Deville successfully did it at Monte Carlo in 1891 and won a profit of $500,000 in today’s dollars, all in a single night.

As a beginning, Wells was a skillful cheater on the first place. He gathered and took money from investors, but instead of using the funds as supposed to, he used them for gambling at Monte Carlo.When he started his iconic gambling session, Charlie managed to win over a million franks within 11 hours of play. This remarkable performance made him famous all around the gambling circles and is still an inspiring story for all the high rollers everywhere.

Of course, luck is matter of chance and sometimes it comes in huge amounts, other times it is just gone completely. Deville’s story is the perfect example of this. Soon after his big hit, he lost it all back in Monte Carlo. Consequently he was arrested for his fraudulent activity 3 times altogether after which he died completely penniless. But still, his incredible 11- hour run is one of the most iconic wins in gambling history until this very day.