“2008” is a movie about a group of Math college students who make use of their skills and create a successful strategy to win on the Blackjack tables. Interestingly, the film is based on a true story – the one of “the geeks who beat Vegas”.

The math guys counted on the popular “card counting” technique, used to help reveal if the upcoming cards are mainly high or low. When the engaged players expected high cards, they would increase the bets. Thus one doesn’t have to be a genius in order to do so, and in fact counting several decks is not more difficult than counting jut one. However, there is a catch – if you keep rising and lowering your bets and win consequently, the dealers could notice and terminate your sessions.

The MIT guys managed this problem in a team- based manner. Some of them were engaged in card counting and signaling to another member, who was engaged in betting big exclusively at high count tables. Then the others would distract the dealers with high bets on their side, ignoring counting and breaking even at the end.

As one can predict, this strategy turned out to be extremely successful. The result was millions cashed out throughout their activity, all done by tactics and smart team moves. Interestingly, the MIT students even ended up opening an investment company, just in order to handle the gambling profit.

This is yet another great story of HUGE gambling payouts, revealing a rather different view that winning big is not necessarily a matter of luck, but it could also be the result of professional training, tactics and smart strategies.