Our big winner series continues with the popular Hollywood actor Sean Connery, which is also known to be a passionate gambler.

The famous actor’s gambling activity is known for his great luck on betting on the number 17. It all manifested when, in the very James Bond manner, Sean placed a bet on 17 at a casino in the Italian Alps. The first 2 rounds were unlucky, but the third spin fell on 17. Consequently, another spin was made and luckily, 17 was the number of success once again. What is interesting is that Connery left his winnings on the spot after both of his lucky spins. The result – the very next spin also fell on 17, making it a 3 times in a row win, against the odds of 50 000 to 1. Then the actor collected his winnings and left in a stylish manner.

Sean Connery’s winnings that day totaled 10 000 pounds at the time, which presently could translate to 163 000 on today’s market. Interestingly, history shows this was not an unusual case anyway. Back in the time 17 was one of the most popular Roulette bets in general. As for the actor, not only did he win on 17 back in 1963, but he repeated his success in 1971, and of course – 17 was the winner once again.

Playing roulette is an interesting and challenging act. Nobody really knows when luck will strike, but if you have lucky numbers and believe in winning, sooner or later the big hit will come. That is exactly what Connery did with the number 17. Of course, it doesn’t mean that everyone should copy his pattern and risk it all on 17. Just find your own number of luck and have your fingers crossed for your own big win!