When it comes to gambling, luck is probably the most important ingredient. Here is the story of another huge casino winner – Cynthia Jay and how luck changed her life- twice.

Cynthia was working as a waitress in the Monte Carlo Casino in Vegas, when she decided to took a shot on the jackpot slot Megabucks. She played 8 rounds with no significant success. However, when she made her 9th pull, the machine replied with the huge $34,959,458.56 Jackpot Hit, which was the biggest ever at the time. All it took was just 9 spins and from then on, everything was about to change.

Just like every other big winner, Cynthia started ordering her dreamed lifestyle. Two weeks after the hit she got married, she started planning her future of fortune, willing to spend a lifetime of wealth and happiness. And just when it had all begun, luck struck once again to turn her world upside down for a 2nd time within 7 weeks.

While waiting on a stoplight, Jay’s car was brutally crashed by a drunk driver. Cynthia’s sister was also in the car. Everything happened in a matter of seconds and the outcome was horrifying – Jay could never walk again and her sister was dead. Right after the live changing profit, the worst thing ever happened. It is ironic, but what is this if not luck itself?

After one of the hugest wins in casino history, instead of a happy and fortunate living, Cynthia Jay was straggling a life stuck in her paralyzed body, facing every day as a new challenge, ready to give up on all her winnings if she could only walk again and bring her sister back.

The story of Cynthia Jay can give us all an important lesson – that luck plays a great role in our fortune and that live is totally unpredictable.