Our big winner series continues with Charlie Wells and his luck on the Roulette table. In 1891 the gambler won $1 million after an 11-hours play. Wells is known as the player who literally “broke the bank at Monte Carlo,” whose story inspired the famous musician Fred Gilbert. What Charlie Wells did was winning more chips than there were available on the table, and not only did he do it once, but a whole of 12 consecutive times for the course of the gambling session.

Charlie Wells was known as a skillful confidence trickster. When he decided to try his luck in Monte Carlo, he choose Roulette as a tool of success.The outcome – Wells turned 4000 francs in chips into a million francs by winning 23 out of 30 spins on the Roulette table. One year later, Charlie came back at the same casino and accomplished the same success in 3 days.

Charlie Wells’ profit from Roulette exceeds $20 million in today’s value, making it one of the top big winners in history of gambling. On the other hand, Charlie had his unlucky runs, too. He was the inventor of a fuel-saving device for steam ships, and once he cashed in more money than the people had invested in the invention itself. In result he lost it all and everything turned backwards from this moment on. Soon afterwards he spent 11 years in an English prison for fraud and 5 more years in a jail in France. Later on, he passed away in 1922, ironically – without a single penny in his pocket.

The coin always has 2 sides, as this interesting story reveals. One thing however is for sure – Charlie Wells’ live was full of adventures and he is still one of the most iconic high rollers in the history of gambling.