Gambling is one of the most progressive industries in the world nowadays, engaging billions of dollars all around the globe. As such, of course, it is highly rewarding, especially to the players with huge doses of luck. Here is the story of one of the biggest winners in the history of casino.


Archie Karas was an ordinary guy keen on gambling. Throughout his gambling career he lost millions of dollars, until the moment when he turned his last $50 into the unbelievable 40 000 000 $. He is now famous as “king of the casinos” and his story is a perfect example that sooner or later- luck always strikes!

What many consider “the greatest hot streak in gambling history” started in 1992 at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. After playing and losing 2 000 000$, Archie ended up with his last 50 dollars- a small, but enough sum not only to keep him in the game, but to make him one of the hugest winners in history.

Once Archie’s lucky run started, it kept going for more than 2 years, playing Poker and Craps head to head with the best players in the world, resulting in the massive 40 million dollars win.

This story shows that one can easily turn $£€50 into a lifetime fortune, as long as a little luck is engaged, and last, but not least- that everything is possible in the world of gambling.