Akio Kashiwagi, a popular Japanese real estate businessman, is one of the the world’s greatest high-rollers of all time.  Known as, “The Warrior”, Akio regularly staked $200 000 on a single hand of baccarat – one of the world’s most popular high- rolling games, especially in the richest casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

In 1990, Akio headed to Atlantic City to have a session at one of Donald Trump’s casinos. The outcome was a pure gambling textbook – a nearly six million dollars win in just two nights. Affected by the loss, Trump made a deal with Kashiwagi for another high- rolling $12 million session so that it is double or nothing. After losing $10 million in no time, Akio quitted and headed back to Japan while still owing money to Donald Trump.

This is not the only case of Akio owing big to casinos around the world. His debts were estimated to reach $15 million, which is a likely reason why he was found dead in his home in 1992, stabbed 150 times with a samurai sword. Interestingly, the killer still remains unknown up to this very day.