Are underage players allowed to gamble? What does it take to win big? Can a child beat the casino system? Please read along to find out.

In 2010 the world of gambling spread the word about a huge half a million dollars strike coming from India – nothing unusual in terms of payouts, but the surprising news was that the player turned out to be an 8-year- old boy. The story says that the little boy was a real genius who started developing webpages at the age of 4 and at the moment when the jackpot was struck, the 8-year-old was using his uncle’s poker account. This is the counter point which lead to serious debates afterwards. According to the sources, the payout was declined because of the age problem. On the other hand, the boy’s family claimed that the poker platform did know him very well, and they even called him the “little poker wizard”. Moreover, the underage player had played and won numerous times, and his winnings had been paid with PayPal. However, as a result the casino blocked the boy’s account and what happened next is not known.

It is important to mention that the name of the casino was kept anonymous, so it is still not clear if the whole story is real. Anyway, it is still a story which gained huge popularity and it is definitely worth telling, even if it is just a fiction.