Our big casino loss series continues with the story of Steve Richards and his enormous fail of £30000 in a single bet.

Steve was a 56-year-old-gambler keen on sports betting. He admits that gambling was a huge part of his life, something that he was expecting eagerly every single week and there was nothing on the world to make it stop. But although he was an experienced and passionate gambler, he had never won more than small and minor bets here and there, at least not until his lucky day.

On this lucky day Steve placed a bet of £10 with odds of 3,861/1, where he successfully predicted the score of 12 different rugby matches. In result Steve cashed out his first big win totaling £38,970. But apparently, this was not enough at the time and Steve was about to take further actions.

Just a few days later Steve placed another bet on a rugby match between Wales and Australia. The stake totaled £30000, and the prediction was that Wales would win the game. Unfortunately for him, the match ended in the opposite direction and Australia was the winner.

Steve lost his £30000 in just a single match, but he had no regrets at all. It was funny, it was risky and thrilling, and last, but not least, the gambler claims that he would never bet against his favourite Wales team in a rugby match.