Did you know that one of the world’s most popular casinos – Monte Carlo doesn’t actually accept players living in Monaco? It may sound like a paradox, but it is a fact.

In the mid- 1800s Princess Caroline made it illegal for the local citizens to play in the casino, leading to a 100% of the profit coming from foreigners. So if you live in Monaco and want to gamble, you would need to look for other places to do so. However, there is a positive side of the whole story. Thanks to the gambling income from Monte Carlo Casino, the local citizens don’t have to pay income taxes.

Did you also know that the first slot machine wasn’t even in a casino? Its inventor – Charles Fey located it in his auto shop so that the customers have something to do while waiting for their cars to be fixed. The slot machine’s name was Liberty Bell and it was invented in 1895. Shortly afterwards, it gained major popularity and casinos started buying slots for the players to stay busy while the table games were occupied.

Did you know that first slot machines didn’t dispense money, but chewing gums? That explains the fact why there are so many little pictures of fruits on the reels.Apart from that, the machines also dispensed tokens exchangable for drinks and cigarettes until the year of 1888 when real money got involved.