Weekends are special days and in order to celebrate the occasion the team of Unibet Casino is launching a new attractive promotion.

Only this Saturday (26th of March) try your greatest luck to win 1000 EUR on The Arena Bingo.

Bet on your lucky numbers and win the generous prize by the progressive brand of Unibet. Just keep in mind the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The platform is 75 ball Variant Room, The Arena;
  2. Starting time- 20:00 CET 26th of March;
  3. Ticket prize- 3 pounds;
  4. Maximum tickets allowed- 50;
  5. Pre- buys are available 4 weeks beforehand;
  6. Unibet has the right to change or cancel the promo at any given time.

Stay tuned with the competitive Unibet Casino and make use of their exciting promotional services.

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