In the spirit Betsafe carries, we are challenging Christmas. There is nothing that Santa can do better than us!


If you play on our new “Xmas Joker” slot today, we will increase your cash-stack by providing you with a 50% Bonus on your winnings on NetEnt on the following day. Everybody loves this spirit.

• Qualify for this bonus now if you haven’t done so yet

• Play on the “Xmas Joker” slot between the time it is released in the lobby and 23:59 CET

• Make a profit

• Receive 50% Bonus with 1x wagering of your next winnings on that certain slot of up to 50 pounds the next day.

Please note that every single player on our “Xamas Joker” slot are automatically entered in tomorrow’s draw to win an Iphone 6S 128 GB or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 64 GB
Poker – Day 4

If you are poker player we have some great news for you. The moment you place a bet or blind on a real money anonymous table and place a bet or blind of blaze poker and do the same thing on Real money Omaha Hi between 0.001 – 23.59 CET
Prize is €3