Luck knows no borders and could kick- in at the least expected moment. That is exactly what happened to a happy player from the Netherlands, who stroke not just one, but two big his and grabbed the solid 11000 EUR for just a week.

The 29 years old lucky winner is a passionate music lover and has his own producing studio. The generous prize is going to be spent on studio updates and a new car, as the happy player shared himself.

The first big strike took place on the popular Dead or Alive slot by NetEnt. The customer landed 5 Scatters with 3, 60 EUR bet and cashed out 9000 EUR. Following this success, the player kept on betting the next day and luck didn’t take long to face him once again. This time the winning slot was NetEnt’s Mega Joker and the reward paid out 2000 EUR. Thus, the impressive sum of 11000 EUR was won within just two days.

Stories like these show how spinning and enjoying your favourite titles can bring big prizes when you least expect it. And of course the leaders of NetEnt proved once again that when it comes to winning huge, their slots are a great choice to make.

So don’t you just watch from aside. You can be in the winner’s shoes. Just visit your favourite NetEnt Casino and spin around for your big win!

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