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Play the slot of the week at Nordic Bet Casino and put your hands on 10 free spins every single day. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Number of free spins – 10 each day; Eligible game –Nordic Bet’s Game of the week; Current game – The Legend of Shangri La slot; Opting- in is required; A minimum of $£€10 needs to be wagered in order to qualify; Eligible countries – Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark; The offer is open until the 8th…

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Penny slot machine

Penny Slots – The Real Money Makers

Everyone knows casinos are a billion dollars industry. But did you know that the most profit and money comes ironically from Penny Slot machines? Contrary to the idea that big money in casinos come primarily from high rollers and live casino tables, statistics shows that Penny slots bring the most profit amongst all games. Who could expect that a machine which can be played for just a penny will turn out to be the most profitable after all? Believe it…

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Interesting casino facts


Our interesting casino fact series continues with one interesting topic you might have never paid attention to – time. Did you actually know that in most casinos clocks always point at 9 o’clock? Yes, that is right, it is always 21:00 at casinos, or at least so is that you think. That is because most lobbies are set up in such a way that you can easily lose track of time. In addition, most platforms are built with just few…

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Are you wondering how to get more payouts from your gambling activity? Do you want to beat the system and be in the big winner’s shoes? Here is one common tip which is highly recommended and helpful, especially when it comes to online slots. THE USE OF TEST SPINS There’s nothing better than a good test drive.Trying the service before buying is a great way to get familiar with it and get to know what you are paying for. The…

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