It has been 20 years of dedication and extreme professionalism for the guys of NetEnt and the celebration run is on the move. After the major success of the recent rock- related title- Guns n’ Roses, the gaming company is keeping the rocking spirit alive with the announcement of its upcoming supplements. Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead slot games were reported to come alive for all the casino lovers and this could mean only one thing- Rock n’Roll and online gambling will mix it further together to bring an ultimate gaming reality that only NetEnt could provide.
The great news came during this year’s ICE Total Gaming event, which gathered the world’s leaders in the industry once again and made public the most breaking news in the field, where NetEnt announced the development of the next 2 titles to complete their promised “Rocks Trio”.



Starting with one of the best guitar players of all time, NetEnt will get the most of both worlds once again with their dedicated game. Jimi’s fans could only guess what exactly they will experience, as no further details about the game features and specifications are present, but judging by the success of GnR slot and the high standards of its creators, what is going to come to live will be simply unique. The release date is not specified, either, but one could expect it to happen sometime in April or in the beginning of May. One thing is for sure- the future title is already under development and it won’t take long until it hits the market.


The third title in the rocking sequence is named after another iconic band- Motorhead, which is often considered to be the loudest live band ever. No details about the slot itself have been announced yet, but there is no doubt that NetEnt will do the best to keep the fans happy and satisfied. The release date is unknown, too, but the expectations fall upon this September. Still a lot of questions are on the table, but the answers will come shortly. What is important now is that the game is under development, and later on this year the NetEnt Rocks trio will be available for all the gamblers whose spirit keeps rocking out.
This announcement made both the casino and rock fans happy and set the bar even higher than before. The results are already highly anticipated and the team behind NetEnt has to do extremely hard job. But that is perfectly fine, as there is nothing that this company does better than improving and updating its own achievements and delivering professional gaming titles, each better than the previous one. Stay around this year and rock the casino world with NetEnt.


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