When playing at Casino Heroes – every day is an adventure!

From the moment you get on the site, there is tremendous background – many islands, ancient buildings and legendary creatures – you will distinguish this casino amongst the others. You can pick your avatar amongst vast selections of wise looking characters and advance through levels, collect experience and earn great treasures by defeating final monsters.

With the start of this NetEnt slot – Koi Princess, it is most definitely a reason for Casino Heroes to add this amazing game in our adventurous casino portfolio. And to celebrate this a mysterious offer is being showed to our players.

Casino heroes truly is an adventurous casino – you experience more than just clicking to spin. At Casino Heroes – the good ol’rebranded Casino Saga , players float in the world of Hero Island.
Yes, of course, you are able to play your favoruite video slots, but now it is far more attractive – with missions and progress bars and your very personal avatar it becomes way more interactive experience for you, rather than your ordinary casino. You are also able to keep tabs on your might friends, battle bosses, and earn tremendous rewards( free spins and bonuses) and investigate all the islands from Casino heroes backdrop.
Most of the NetEnt video slot games – local as well as network jackpot slots, roulette and table games are available and correct – this makes Casino Heroes more than just pretty outlook.

Soon as you have signed up at Casino Heroes and claimed your welcome bonus (you can stop by our Casino Heroes review for 250 freespins for your beginning). Now you have to choose a character. They constantly change and new ones are being added, but the 9 stated below are the Avatars that you are very likely to see. You can choose from ancient characters like wizards, witches, mages or feisty females wielding bows and arrows or pistols and begin your adventure.

What about the latest character to join Casino Heroes’ ranks? She might well been restricted to her game for the time being, but we absolutely have no doubt that the amazing princess from Koi princess will be making an impact when she will appear on 24th of November. The raven-haired, Japanes anime character is the leading figure of the Koi Princess slot and together with the stunning images of fish, pink blooms, this brings even more life to the casino’s world.
Whilst you are waiting for the NetEnt’s Koi Princess slot to be present, just continue your adventure and play as you usually do at Casino Heroes and, for every boss that you slay, you will receive mystery gift in your treasure chest. You’ll be awarded your prey at the exact moment that your fight has been won, but you will need to show more patience as the reward received will not be usable until the launch day which is 24th November