You’ve probably heard of the saying that everything that comes in 3 is complete as a set. This phrase very accurately describes the situation here. It hints for a pattern without drowning you in useless information. This phrase is making us think of the next Mega Fortune as previously few days ago the €4.5 million jackpot has been hit and last night it has been blasted away by paying out the enormous €8.5 million to a single player! That’s two massive jackpots only in a matter of days. Probably the third one is on it’s way and we can only guess. (Hall of Gods 7 milljon??? Arabian Nights €1.3 million??)


It is not reasonable to look for patterns when it is about the hits of a particular single game or the behavior of all the games combined. The games are not linked between each other and are being randomized and on top of that they are tested by independent third parties on regular basis to guarantee the maximum randomness. This is done so that patterns are not to emerge (This would give advantage of some players over others) and to ensure that jackpots are not manipulated. No player should have any kind of advantage over others. Everyone stands the same chance of winning, but as you might have guessed, you have to play to win and who knows – you might become the next NetEnt millionaire.


Early on 25th an information has been spread that the Mega Fortune had been hit just few hours before, on the evening of 24th. The winning has been further confirmed by Maria Casino on 27th. A Swedish gentleman had hit the grand prize of €4,531,301 from the €2.15 spin.


Not much later after the previous winnings the new lighting hit us – another Mega Fortune jackpot has been hit and it dropped from €8,577,941 to only €700, 000 showing that tremendous win. No information has yet been released on which casino it has been hit on, but we are looking forward to informing you.


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