Sometimes £5 is all it takes

It’s been just around a week since a lucky Casumo player hit the Mega Fortune jackpot of £1,9 million using 50 cents only. Following the positive run, Mega Fortune and Casumo Casino are now proud to present their new big winner from Yorkshire, UK and his £2,065,627 huge hit!

Sometimes £5 is all it takes to turn your live around. Last Sunday evening a 31- year old man was using his Mega Fortune bonus playing Piggy Riches just before going out. Prior to leaving, he decided to give a shot on the mobile Mega Fortune, too, having absolutely no idea what this was about to lead to. All of a sudden he found himself into the fabled bonus round already and what came next was a hard thing to believe. This accidental Mega Fortune spin really brought quite a fortune in his hands- Yorkshire was then £2,065,627 richer!



This is a story of how luck is all around us and could strike at the most unexpected moment. The big winner, interestingly, had been a 4-day player at Casumo at the time, and now he’s already a 31 years old millionaire. Actually he couldn’t believe his big hit himself at the beginning, but presently he is already planning of buying a new house for his family, going on a vacation and celebrating his great win. Yet, this is a serious sum and the life of the lucky man will never be the same again.

It is really an amazing story. But why does it necessarily need to be somebody else’s? You could be in the big winner’s shoes with no effort at all. Just stay on top with Casumo Casino and go for the upcoming celebrating campaign starting this Monday. Maybe you are the next big winner!

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