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If you want to boost your casino experience with something different than usual gambling, here is a list of the top casino based movies ever made. CROUPIER The story shows the world of casino through the eyes of a professional dealer. It’s not a typical gambling movie as it reveals the dark aspects of the world of gambling. GUNS, GIRLS AND GAMBLING The plot focuses on the chase of a high- value artifact that gets lost during a poker game.…

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New Slots Tournament at Tipico

Visit Tipico Casino and take part in the ongoing slots raffle to win a share of $£€3000, only between the 18th and the 23rd of July. TERMS AND CONDITIONS The tournament runs between the 18th and the 23rd of July; Eligible slots – Flowers, Aloha and Fruit Shop; At least $£€20 have to be wagered in order to get enrolled; The top 10 players will share the reward; 1st prize – $£€1000; Opting – in is required; Wagering requirement –…

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Big winner stories


When it comes to gambling, luck is probably the most important ingredient. Here is the story of another huge casino winner – Cynthia Jay and how luck changed her life- twice. Cynthia was working as a waitress in the Monte Carlo Casino in Vegas, when she decided to took a shot on the jackpot slot Megabucks. She played 8 rounds with no significant success. However, when she made her 9th pull, the machine replied with the huge $34,959,458.56 Jackpot Hit,…

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betting on the moon


” . . . a man, woman, or child from any nation on Earth being on the Moon or any other planet, star, or heavenly body of comparable distance from the Earth before January 1971.” Have you heard about David Threlfall – the man who won £10,000 betting on the Moon? Here is his interesting story. In 1964 David turned to the popular William Hill wagering company with a rather unusual bet request. Threlfall asked the company to come up with an odd that…

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world's smallest casino


It is highly likely that passionate casino lovers have wondered which the biggest casinos in the world are. But have you ever asked the question which the smallest one would be? Just read along and find the answer. The world’s smallest casino can be found in England, and unlike most physically based casinos, it is mobile. Mobile not in the sense of being able to play on a phone or a tablet, but in the sense that it is physically…

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poker and craps


Gambling is one of the most progressive industries in the world nowadays, engaging billions of dollars all around the globe. As such, of course, it is highly rewarding, especially to the players with huge doses of luck. Here is the story of one of the biggest winners in the history of casino. ARCHIE KARAS Archie Karas was an ordinary guy keen on gambling. Throughout his gambling career he lost millions of dollars, until the moment when he turned his last…

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The sandwich is one of the most popular foods all around the globe. It is tasty, it is easy to make and first and foremost- it is a top favourite snack everywhere. And along with its popularity, the story of its origin is also really interesting. Did you know, that the sandwich was actually invented during a gambling session? The story says that it all started back in 1762 in England, while John Montagu was in the middle of a…

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Big winner stories


Casino gaming is so popular nowadays. It has millions of people playing all over the globe. And although most of you play on a regular basis, there are numerous interesting facts about gambling we suppose you are not aware about. Did you know that: A classic 52-card deck consists of 2,598,960 unique five-card hands, with a single pair having a 42.26 percent probability to show up in any hand; Las Vegas’s main airport- McCarran International is the 8th busiest airport…

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Gambling isn’t a new thing. It had been around even long before the first casinos opened doors. But with time it has developed and now it has to offer different and various service. And while back in the days the physically based casinos dominated the market, today there is a constantly growing tendency of interest towards online gaming. And this environment has 2 indisputable advantages that we want to share with you. The best about online casinos of course is…

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