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Penny Slots – The Real Money Makers

Everyone knows casinos are a billion dollars industry. But did you know that the most profit and money comes ironically from Penny Slot machines? Contrary to the idea that big money in casinos come primarily from high rollers and live casino tables, statistics shows that Penny slots bring the most profit amongst all games. Who could expect that a machine which can be played for just a penny will turn out to be the most profitable after all? Believe it…

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“2008” is a movie about a group of Math college students who make use of their skills and create a successful strategy to win on the Blackjack tables. Interestingly, the film is based on a true story – the one of “the geeks who beat Vegas”. The math guys counted on the popular “card counting” technique, used to help reveal if the upcoming cards are mainly high or low. When the engaged players expected high cards, they would increase the…

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Problem gambling


Gambling is a funny and relaxing way to spend your spare time, but things can get in a wrong direction once a player starts getting addicted. Luckily, there are several ways to act if you happen to encounter an addiction. First, you can set limits on your gaming. Most casinos offer all kind of gambling limits one can set, including deposit limits, playing limits, betting limits and many others to mention. However, such limits can reduce the risk and the…

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Slots are one of the most famous gambling machines in the world and it is actually interesting how they developed over the course of history. It all started with the creation of the very first slot game- Liberty Bell, in 1887 in the USA, which became a real market hit in no time and set the basis for a whole new niche in the industry. In the late 20th century slots had already earned huge popularity on the US market…

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Big winner stories


Akio Kashiwagi, a popular Japanese real estate businessman, is one of the the world’s greatest high-rollers of all time.  Known as, “The Warrior”, Akio regularly staked $200 000 on a single hand of baccarat – one of the world’s most popular high- rolling games, especially in the richest casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. In 1990, Akio headed to Atlantic City to have a session at one of Donald Trump’s casinos. The outcome was a pure gambling textbook – a nearly…

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Cash Bonuses on Tuesday at Unibet

Stay around Unibet on Tuesday and take advantage of the generous cash drop bonuses and grab a share of $£€2000 if you are lucky enough. TERMS AND REQUIREMENTS The bonus is available on Tuesdays only; You need to wager at least $£€10 on desktop/ $£€5 on mobile in order to qualify; Eligible slots- Grim Muerto, the Invisible Man, Leprechaun Goes to Hell, Bloodsuckers, Dead or Alive; You need to opt- in in order to qualify; Maximum cash bonus per customer-…

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Monte Carlo Casino


The legendary Monte Carlo Casino is definitely one of the most prestigious gambling houses in the world offering a full range of highest quality games and service to satisfy the taste of any type of gambler out there. When it comes to games, at Monte Carlo Casino you will find a rich selection of European Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Black Jack, English Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker tables. And if you’re looking for slots, the numerous machines in the lobby will satisfy your most demanding requirements…

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breaking the bank


Our big winning series continues with Charles Deville Wells and his successful run which literary broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Interestingly, in gambling circles “Breaking the bank” doesn’t mean bankrupting the casino, but winning every possible chip on the table indeed. Charles Deville successfully did it at Monte Carlo in 1891 and won a profit of $500,000 in today’s dollars, all in a single night. As a beginning, Wells was a skillful cheater on the first place. He gathered and…

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